KudosAfrica is a value capture platform for robust, investable, unlisted African businesses that have social and environmental responsibility in their DNA. Our goal is to enable more investment into mission-driven African enterprises.

We simplify your sustainability journey and focus on the value drivers, using Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations, making your company more profitable by being more responsible.


A passionate, dedicated team of experienced professionals with a common mission to inspire responsible business innovation.

By combining our  collective skills, we offer an integrated vision of the future of business in Africa.

We believe in the desire and the ability of African entrepreneurs to make this vision a reality, unleashing responsible business as the single biggest transformative power of our time.


The Kudos rating model utilises tried and tested ESG indicators known and used by international investors. It also incorporates indicators from the new taxonomy of “impact” (IRIS database), and the positive social and environmental contributions that businesses make and which are of interest to a specific and growing segment of impact investors.

These are combined and weighted in a way that makes sense for African businesses.

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We work with companies and investors to stimulate capital flow to responsible businesses in Africa, creating a thriving and sustainable future for all.

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