About KudosAfrica

KudosAfrica is a sustainability rating and services provider focused on African businesses.

Our goal is to direct investment capital toward responsible and sustainable African enterprises by encouraging companies to improve their ESG performance.

With a keen focus on time and cost - we have developed a unique and practical rating methodology, incorporating international best practice in the assessment of sustainability.

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Meet the Team

Louise Gardiner - Kudos Africa
Louise Gardiner - Co-founder, Director - Cape Town, South Africa

Louise has 18 years’ international experience in environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards for businesses and the financial sector. She is also an experienced stakeholder engagement practitioner.

Since 2005, she has delivered global advisory support through the IFC, part of the World Bank Group, on initiatives to promote sustainability disclosure, green finance, and responsible investment in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In South Africa, Louise has assisted asset managers and pension funds to respond to new regulatory and voluntary requirements around responsible investing. Through the ASISA Academy, she provides training to pension fund trustees on how to integrate ESG risk management into pension fund administration.

Carl Reynolds - Kudos Africa
Carl Reynolds - Co-founder, Director - Cape Town, South Africa

Carl has a long track record of launching innovative and developmental business-to-business communication platforms.

He is an entrepreneur who believes in the power of commerce to achieve the goals of a sustainable society.

He founded the Small Enterprise Development in Construction platform, SEDIC, which focuses on the construction industry in Southern Africa. He also created The Score, a unique networking and distribution platform for the African music industry, in 2006, which is currently expanding throughout Africa. Carl was also a founding member of ‘Sustain Our Africa’, a collaborative platform for the communication needs of sustainability professionals across Africa.

Mike Davies - Kudos Africa
Mike Davies - ESG Risk and Research - Cape Town, South Africa

Mike is an experienced responsible investment (RI) consultant, ESG analyst and trainer. Through the ASISA Academy, he provides training to pension fund trustees on the necessary skills to fulfill their fiduciary duty with respect to ESG risk management and RI. He also delivers the KudosAfrica RI training for Investment Professionals.

Mike specialises in political risk analysis. He has briefed numerous FTSE100 and S&P500 firms and financial sector clients, including asset managers and international financial institutions, on the risks and opportunities of investing sustainably and responsibly in sub-Saharan Africa.

Before returning to South Africa in 2012, Mike worked for three of the top political and global risk consultancies in the United Kingdom.

Koen van Noorden - Kudos Africa
Koen van Noorden - Verification - Cape Town, South Africa

Koen is a sustainability consultant with more than 9 years of experience in the new construction and existing building sector, having worked with South Africa’s biggest property developers, banking and retail institutions on the greening of their existing building portfolio as well as their new construction.

Koen worked as sustainability and Green Star consultant on the first Green Star certified buildings in South Africa with WSP Green by Design and on the first LEED EBOM and NC certified buildings at Ecocentric.

He holds graduate and post-graduate degrees in Technology and innovation sciences for sustainability and mechanical engineering (Technical University Eindhoven, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven) from the Netherlands.

Candice Pelser - Kudos Africa
Candice Pelser - Non-Executive Director - Nairobi, Kenya

Candice is a systems thinker, business strategist and problem solver. A blend of pragmatic and idealistic, she loves bringing people together to tackle tough issues.

Candice managed the first gourmet coffee stores in South Africa; has been a software consultant and business analyst; has advised non-profits in energy and climate change, and co-founded a strategic business consulting company called Further.

Candice has since found her niche supporting companies with blended value propositions to successfully cross the investment table. She is passionate about the potential these enterprises have to achieve environmental and social resilience.

After attempting to tailor her own retirement annuity towards social and environmental goals, Candice was surprised to discover the barriers that prevent ordinary South Africans from 'voting for good' with their retirement decisions. Excited to be working with 'metrics that matter', Candice has joined KudosAfrica to help establish a more thriving environment for impact investment and the desired impact itself.

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