Our Partners

We’re committed to a common vision of building a sustainable private sector in Africa.

In doing so, we are partnering with forward-thinking and pioneering organisations that focus on strengthening environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance in different parts of the private sector in different ways.

Interested to partner with us? Please email info@kudosafrica.com

partner Mazars logo link

In today’s business world you need to react to opportunities and threats faster than ever before, while implementing long-term sustainable business strategies to plan for future success. Being a discerning firm, Mazars responds with agility and provides their clients with turn-key solutions which are fit for purpose, emphatic on attention to detail.

Our business sustainability offering proves true to this DNA, where we present it as a business strategy that is essential for all business. Business sustainability presents resiliency over time while focussing on unlocking value to our clients with a strong focus on economic efficiency, social equity and environmental accountability.

Based on its international dimension, Mazars has established itself as a credible alternative, with the ability to offer seamless and custom-made solutions to large corporations, regardless of their country of origin. Thanks to its complete, flexible and adaptable range of services, Mazars is also a partner of choice for high-growth SMEs and high net-worth individuals.

Mazars realises the power in professional collaborations with a client centric approach in order to service clients holistically. Our business partnership with KudosAfrica focusses on exploring all elements which are pertinent to business sustainability in order to remain relevant and innovative in our service delivery.

Jean Wessels, Partner - Cape Town, Mazars

partner Proud Nation Builder logo link

The future of every South African is wrapped up in our country's future, which means that an informed, mobilised and active citizenry is essential for growth and development. The business community is one of the most influential forces in bringing about positive change in South Africa, but this requires a new view on the role business has to play in addressing many of our country's social (economic and environmental) challenges.

At Nation Builder we work with many businesses who leverage their resources and influence to achieve greater societal change by integrating their corporate social investment with their business objectives. These Nation Builder businesses are fast establishing a new norm where businesses embrace a social mandate, beyond pure profit and beyond compliance, to address poverty, inequality and to restore dignity in innovative ways.

Nation Builder is proud to partner with KudosAfrica to further influence and equip businesses around South Africa on how best to engage in Social Development endeavors, ensuring greater opportunities and a brighter future for all South Africans.

Keri-Leigh Paschal, Executive Director, Nation Builder

partner Minerals To Metal logo link

Minerals and metals are essential to every aspect of modern life, so it is critical that we get mining right to ensure the resources for building a sustainable future - for Africa and the world. The cooperation of the mining sector is required to achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

To do this we need the tools, technologies and appropriately trained professionals who are able to deal with the complexity of the challenges that the sector faces. We also need more and better data on how mining companies across the continent are already starting to make a difference.

UCT's Mineral to Metals is excited to partner with KudosAfrica and support this initiative to uncover the hidden potential of the sector to contribute to building the platform for the sustainable development of South Africa, Africa and the world.

Professor Dee Bradshaw, Director: UCT Minerals to Metals