KudosAfrica Verification – What it means

KudosAfrica’s third-party verification assures investors, banks, customers and other stakeholders that a company is committed to sustainability and is taking steps to improve its environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and impacts over time.

The KudosAfrica VerifiedTMmarks are the simplest way to know how far a company has progressed on their sustainability journey.


The 4 KudosAfrica Performance LevelsTM require a company to meet a minimum level of performance at each level on key sustainability (ESG) issues for their industry and the countries in which they operate.

Level 1 Your business demonstrates an understanding of material ESG risks and a strategic commitment to sustainability.
Level 2 Your business has put in place the necessary systems to manage ESG risks and improve sustainability performance over time
Level 3 Your business is improving behaviour and results over time on the most important ESG issues for your industry and region
Level 4 Your business is a leader in managing ESG issues and sets an example for others through innovative sustainability initiatives and collaboration with peers and stakeholders. 
How we do the verification

The KudosAfrica Verification is achieved by reviewing a company’s self-reported information, submitted through an online questionnaire and interviews, and substantiating this information through:

It provides assurance that there is sufficient evidence to confirm the company’s commitment and performance on sustainability.

It also helps the company to strengthen their strategic approach and focus on the highest value sustainability interventions – both to improve impact and create business value.

Using the KudosAfrica VerifiedTM marks

One of the most effective ways to show stakeholders that you are a responsible business is to communicate your achievements using third-party verification.

To be a KudosAfrica VerifiedTM company, you will need to complete the KudosAfrica Assessment and receive a Verification Certificate, valid for 1 year.

We encourage placement of your approved KudosAfrica VerifiedTM mark in the following locations:

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