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Preaching to the converted. Are we applying ESG where it matters the most?

The ESG ( Environmental, Social, Governance ) space can become very academic, and while this is a fun place to be, it obscures the practical implications or motivations that effect business owners.

Despite the immense benefits available through active ESG management, I worry sometimes that the field remains inaccessible or a little daunting for Small business or even Funds to engage with.

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The 5 Minute Guide for CEOS - sustainability brief
The 5 Minute Guide for CEOS

There is no one-size-fits-all approaches to sustainability. There isn’t even consensus on what sustainability means. The multitude of different terms, including corporate social responsibility, corporate citizenship, green business, and corporate social investment, can confuse anyone.

But if you think it isn’t any of your business, you are wrong. The good news is we can fix that pretty quickly.

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Climate Change: risks to food and beverage industry
Climate change: What the food and beverage sector can do to wise up to the risks.

The food and beverage sector is especially vulnerable to the impact of climate change and urgently needs to start understanding the risks as well as the steps required to adapt to the challenges.

A juice factory, located in an industrial area in Dhaka, Bangladesh, was warned about potential flooding and invested considerable capital into floodproofing their operations. When the predicted flooding hit, the investment proved to have paid off as the factory remained dry. Or had it?

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Private Equity and Responsible Investing: Trends and Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa
Private Equity and Responsible Investing: Trends and Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa

There has been a steady growth of interest in investing in the sub-Saharan African region in the past decade. This is most clearly demonstrated in the private equity sector. The total value of private equity deals in the region spiked in 2014, while the number of deals and the number of exits both hit record levels in 2015.

This interest has persisted despite the significant dissipation of the “Africa Rising” optimism. In 2015, Africa-focused private equity funds raised over US$4.3bn – more than a quarter of the total raised in the five years between 2010 and 2015.

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Water is a Business Issue - are you at risk?
Water is a business issue. Is your business at risk?

Water stewardship isn’t just the job of governments. Individuals, organisations and businesses have responsibilities in driving this important global agenda that affects us all.

There is a growing trend amongst investors and businesses to collaborate in this regard, to better understand the impacts water quantity and quality have on business operations and ultimately investments.

Much is being done to increase water efficiencies in business operations. However, there are many opportunities to do more, and the need is increasingly urgent.

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Climate Change: South Africa ratifies Paris Agreement - new funding opportunities
South Africa’s ratification of the Paris Agreement unlocks significant new funding opportunities

The Paris Agreement is a legally binding instrument that will further guide the process for universal action on climate change. It is also an important tool in mobilising finance, technological support and capacity building for developing countries to ensure their climate resilience.

Africa is a key focus in the roll-out of the Fund.

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Women in the Workplace - adding immense value to businesses
Women in the workplace

At KudosAfrica, we are paying close attention to the growing evidence that suggests women add immense value to businesses, particularly at board level.

This growing base of evidence links having women on boards to better strategy and better financial performance.

Although these studies may vary on the extent to which women on boards drive corporate success, particularly in different national contexts, but there is enough to hold a solid case for the contribution women make to better decision making at a leadership level.

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