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KudosImpact Pulse: assessment, verification, analysis, reportback, action

It is increasingly essential for businesses worldwide to show they effectively manage environmental, social, and governance performance - also called "sustainability".

Our goal is to help African businesses understand and respond to this trend. This can help you attract investment, improve access to finance, and strengthen your market position.


Do you want to go further as a business?

The KudosImpact Pulse is one part of the full KudosAfrica Assessment, which consists of 106 questions covering 50 aspects that allow us to assess risk and benchmark performance of companies across four management themes: Commitment, Efficiency, Resilience and Innovation.

The full KudosAfrica Assessment gives you a strategy tool to plan your sustainability journey, and a verified report with which to engage investors.

The first step is to complete a self-assessment questionnaire of around 100 questions covering essential sustainability priorities for companies operating in Africa.

Each question relates to a high-level driver of improved business performance through sustainability: Commitment, Efficiency, Resilience, and Innovation (CERI).

We then allocate an overall level of performance, which shows how your company is progressing on your sustainability journey.


Level 1 Your business demonstrates an understanding of material ESG risks and a strategic commitment to sustainability.
Level 2 Your business has put in place the necessary systems to manage ESG risks and improve sustainability performance over time
Level 3 Your business is improving behaviour and results over time on the most important ESG issues for your industry and region
Level 4 Your business is a leader in managing ESG issues and sets an example for others through innovative sustainability initiatives and collaboration with peers and stakeholders. 

This process allows us to prepare a KudosAfrica Assessment Report that explains how your business is doing across different dimensions of sustainability performance, including an action plan to help you move to the next KUDOS LEVEL within the coming year

How do we add credibility?

KudosAfrica verifies your self-assessment responses through an efficient process of documentation requests, online searches, phone interviews, and a site visit where needed.

We may also interview a few key stakeholders such as employees, local community representatives, partners, customers, or suppliers, to find out more about your approach on important aspects.

Once we’ve verified your information we will provide you with a final report, certificate, and label of verification valid for 1 year.

Read more about Verification.
What happens if anything changes after you’ve been verified?

We require you to immediately notify us of any material changes that may impact your rating, so that we can reassess and make any required changes.

We also have a formal process for addressing any grievances or new information we may receive which may impact your rating. This will start with direct contact with you to assess the validity of information received and offer an opportunity to address performance gaps.

What next?

You can use your report to inform strategic conversations at board and management level to plan your sustainability journey.

You can also share it with key stakeholders, such as investors, banks and buyers, as the basis to discuss how sustainability can improve your partnership and how you can collaborate on future plans.

Your verification certificate and label can be used in marketing and internal communications to build credibility.

You can subscribe to be assessed on an annual basis to monitor your performance over time and maintain your credibility with key stakeholders, such as investors.

KudosAfrica experts can assist you to develop a sustainability strategy, design policies, and to find service providers and partners you can trust to help you go further.

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