KudosAfrica and Investors

Our goal is to channel more investor financing to African businesses based on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) credentials.

We do this through the following services for investors:

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Portfolio Assessment

Policies and Training
The Model

The KudosAfrica Rating Model uses 100 questions to gather the most essential information on how companies are managing ESG risks.

We verify the information through documentation, online searches, phone interviews, conversations with stakeholders, and site visits where needed.

We score the company on 4 levels of performance, which indicate maturity in managing ESG.

We also assess them in 4 categories of performance which drive financial out-performance: Commitment, Efficiency, Resilience, Innovation.

The KudosAfrica Rating Model - 4 levels of performace
How do you use the results?

The company gets a scorecard and detailed report with an action plan to achieve the next level of performance. You can use the scorecard and report to engage with them on the issues you care about most.

We can also work with you to understand trends across your portfolio and how to leverage these to find “alpha”.

The excess return (“alpha”) offered by sustainability has been shown to emerge through initiatives that improve stakeholder relationships, create operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and strengthen the natural, social and economic systems in which a business operates.

How does Kudos meet investor needs?

We’ve aligned our indicators and philosophy with the IFC Performance Standards, the UN Global Compact Principles, the Sustainable Development Goals and the IRIS Metrics for impact measurement to make sure our rating model helps you measure sustainability and impact in line with international best practice.

We’ve also done so in a way that finds opportunities to reduce risk and increase the value of a business over time.

Accurate measurement of these factors allows us to identify additional value creation opportunities in the lifecycle of an investment and enable more successful exits.

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